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2008 Christmas bestseller Wii Fit has become a very popular device among Wii users. Many people have been amazed by its ability to motivate you into start getting into shape and gaining more insight into your body and posture.

However, as with other fitness machines people buy, the risk is that many try it for a couple of days and then let it collect dust in some storage are. Don’t let that happen, just pick up the balance board and join the fitness challenge.

I have decided to put Wii Fit to the test in order to see what results it gives. I’m a suiting subject since I’ve slowly become a coach potato after almost two years without any exercise. After my hernia surgery I just never regain the motivation to start training again. I hope Wii Fit will give me the kick I need.

I will dedicate 1 hour from my busy schedule to Wii Fit and post all results on this page.


Note: To really see if Wii Fit alone delivers results, I will not do any other training or change my eating habits in any way.


I encourage you to do the same if you’ve purchased Wii Fit, put aside at least 1 hour each day to train and share your results on this page.


My starting point 2009-01-01:

BMI: 24.84 (very close to overweight according to Wii Fit)

Weight: 79.6 Kgs (174.68 lbs)

Wii Age: 30

Actual Age: 37


My Goal:

BMI: 22

Weight: 70.5 Kgs (155.1 lbs)

Wii Age: 30


Here are my results so far:

Wii Fit BMI

Wii Fit Weight

My daily Wii fitness chart

Day 1 : (Total in game time: 1 hours)
I’m in a really bad shape so the first day I took it easy and just tried as many things I could in 1 hour to get the feel for it. It felt good to finally start.
Day 2: (Total in game time: 2 hours)
Starting to unlock more and more exercises. There’s a good variation between easy and hard training modules. I like to include jogging, jackknife and press-ups in the training schedule to really get some effect on my training. Unfortunately my weight goes up but the time of measurement is 5 hours later than yesterday.
Day 3: (Total in game time: 3 hours)
Running the long island lap which get me into steam. I’ve tried to minimize the balance games to do mostly fat burning exercises but to my despair I’ve gained even more weight and am now in the overweight area.
Day 4: (Total in game time: 4 hours)
Taking a shot at the 10 reps press-ups and it’s killing me. I realize that I need a lot of work to get back in shape. I have now unlocked all muscle training modules and am  working hard to get some results. The body test finally shows that I’ve lost weight. Is it because I measured it early in the day this time?
Day 5: (Total in game time: 5 hours)
I started out with two Yoga modules, then do the 10 min free running in aerobics. After this I concentrate on muscle workout and try the challenges as well. I have now unlocked all the training modules in the game. The body test turns out the same as yesterday even if I measure 4 hours later. I totally flunk at the balance test and end up with a Wii Age of 42. LoL!
Day 6: (Total in game time: 6 hours)
My son tells me I will never endure the 30 minute free jogging exercise, so after warming up with some yoga moves, I take on the long jogging session. It felt like running forever in the beginning but somehow the time passed and I managed to run 3 laps and a bit past the bridge before the time ended. My weight has gone up by 0.1 but I’m still positive about reaching my goal.
Day 7: (Total in game time: 7 hours)
After a week of 1 hour daily training with Wii Fit my body starts to feel soar. My body is really not used to exercising like this. Today I took it fairly easy doing mostly yoga training, a island lap but added the regular press-up and jack knife training. Completing the Body test, surprisingly my weight & BMI is back at exactly the same as when I started one week ago. So back to square one. 🙂 Still, I had no possibility to measure at the same time as last week so the result may be a bit misguiding. I’m positive that after one month, I will have some consistent results with Wii Fit.
Day 8: (Total in game time: 8 hours)
Feeling great today. Started up with 3 Yoga exercises then went directly to 30 jack-knife and 10 press-ups. After that the island lap and boxing (I like the final bonus when you get to punch as fast as you can, it gives sweaty finish to an otherwise static boxing module). I finished up with mixed muscle and yoga training sessions. Putting a extra 2kg weight beside the wii remote in the Tricep extension training really makes a good difference. My weight is still pretty much the same as yesterday.good difference.
Day 9: (Total in game time: 9 hours)
Friday and the first workweek after the holidays have ended. I came home late from work after eating a healthy 😉 whopper on Burger king on the way home. Once home I sat down on the coach and felt so tired. Still I managed to drag myself to the Wii board and startup Wii Fit. I a similar training order as earlier days with the exception of doing the 20 min free jogging instead of island lap. Since I’ve unlocked the super advanced boxing, I had to try that one as well. To my disappointment it just felt tedious doing those boxing moves for 10 minutes. My weight/BMI went down slightly and I’m satisfied as long as it doesn’t go up. My Wii age went up to a all time high because I didn’t do well on the walking and basic balance test.
Day 10: (Total in game time: 10 hours)
I planned to get up early today and get my training done at once but I overslept and got some things to take care of. However, I managed to free one hour around lunch time. It was a bit hard to have my wife and kids watching in the room. Tried hard to do my very best with the poses and exercises while they laughter and commented. I finally passed the 10 hour playtime mark which was nicely displayed by Wii Fit. My Body test resulted in a -0.5 weight loss and I feel positive about reaching my goal.
Day 11: (Total in game time: 11 hours, 5 minutes)
Sunday and I’m feeling a bit off but what the heck. I’m not giving up yet. Finished the 40 reps jack-knife challenge and it felt really good. The 20 minute jogging session does not feel that long anymore. My weight went up again, wonder if it had anything to do with eating late yesterday?
Day 12: (Total in game time: 12 hours, 6 minutes)
Monday and the start of the first long workweek of 2009. Got a lot to do today so started the Wii Fit training rather late. Did mostly yoga and muscle training today. The body test raised a bit again almost to the same weight as when I started. I aced the balance test and Wii Fit gave me an age of 26 which was nice. We’ll see if any weight loss results will start showing by the end of this week, maybe?.
Day 13: (Total in game time: 13 hours, 6 minutes)
I’m starting to feel a light pain in the left side of my stomach. Nothing that stops me from doing the exercises but it’s a bit irritating. Focused more on muscle training and did only the 20 minute jogging and the short hola hoop in the aerobics section. Felt good even if the weight is still pretty much the same as when I started.
Day 14: (Total in game time: 14 hours, 8 minutes)
Two weeks has already passed and even if the results aren’t exactly stunning, I still feel good for actually coming this far and still sticking to it. Today I did 20 minutes in the morning before going to work  and then 40 minutes when I got home from work. It worked well, however I’m too tired in the mornings to get up earlier every day in order to train so I might just do it once in a while. To my delight, the weight is again down to the lowest mark I had so far 78.8kg  (173.36 pounds). A weight loss of 1.6 kilo (3.6 pounds) from the highest weight recorded 3/1. My goal of 70.5 feels far away but someday I’ll be there.
Day 15: (Total in game time: 15 hours, 9 minutes)
I continue do a all around training with a mix of yoga, muscle and aerobics. I have completely left out the balance mini games lately. Today I made the sixth jack knife challenge and though the trainer would go from 50 to 60 reps but to my surprise she raised to 100 at once. Nice, now I’ll do 100 reps now and then. On press-ups I still do the 10 reps, haven’t yet taken the step to do 20. Tried to get my wife into creating her character but she blindly refused. She said “I want to see you getting results before even considering standing on that thing.” 🙂 So I better work hard to get some results in order to see my wife do some Wii Fit moves.
Day 16: (Total in game time: 15 hours, 50 minutes)
A very hectic Friday. I had loads of things needed to be done as well as going out to party with friends. However, I managed to squeeze in 40 minutes of intense training before taking a shower and rushing away. However, I plan to make up the last 20 minutes tomorrow.
Day 17 (Total in game time: 17 hours, 10 minutes)
Saturday morning, got up early (around 10) with a minor headache but still actually managed to get up on the balance board and made a 30 minute session containing jack knife, jogging and some yoga moves. Some hours later I made another session on 50 minutes in order to make up for yesterdays lack of training. I cheered as my weight showed a drop to the all time low 24.44kg (172.26 pounds). It will probably go up again tomorrow but it seems that I’m finally seeing some kind of results.
Day 18 (Total in game time: 18 hours, 11 minutes)
I’m beginning to getting used to the training and todays session when smoothly. I made a 30 minutes running session followed by some press-ups, jack knife and triceps extension. As I expected the weight went up again as it has done after earlier weight drops. It’s like a roller coaster. 🙂
Day 19 (Total in game time: 19 hours, 12 minutes)
Yes! My weight is down to a new all time low notation and I’m at last seeing a down going trend. 30 min jogging while listening to education material is my new motto, it makes the training go much faster.
Day 20 (Total in game time: 20 hours, 12 minutes)

Today I got home really late! My wife promised a friend at work that I would take a look at her computer problems, so we went there after work and not only did it take time to fix the computer, they also fed me with sausage sticks and cookies. All I could think of is how much my weight will go up with today. 🙂 I was so tired when we finally got home, I just wanted to go to sleep. If I wasn’t daily writing my progress on this blog, chancer are I would have gone to sleep instead. However, I’m glad I completed another hour and as I passed the 20 hour mark, the Wii Fit game rewarded me with a silver time counter.  My weight bounced up again, but it was expected.
Day 21 (Total in game time: 21 hours, 12 minutes)
Can’t believe time flies so quickly. Already three weeks have gone and the end of the month is closing in fast. To my despair, after todays session my body test ended up in a new raise giving me a weight of 79.3 kg (174.46punds). Only 0.3kg  less than when I started. However, I did again measure very late so surely my weight will drop if I measure earlier next time.
Day 22 (Total in game time: 22 hours, 12 minutes)
Today I ran to the Wii at once after getting home from work. I just wanted to get it done fast so that I wouldn’t feel stressed out about having time to set a side an hour later on. If felt really good to have it done before 20. I’m nowadays listening to music or educational mp3’s while doing the exercises so one hour goes by really quickly. My roller coaster weight dropped again but I’m beginning to wonder if I will have any notable results after one months of consistent training with the balance board.
Day 23 (Total in game time: 23 hours, 13 minutes)
Friday again and came home late.Dived into a large pizza and didn’t really feel for Wii Fit but finally pushed myself to stand on the balance board. Also,My daughter had friends home and maybe felt a bit awkward about showing her dad doing exercises in front of the TV, but what the heck. If I’ve come this far, I’m not going to stick with the daily no matter what, for at least until the end of the month.  Measuring late after dinner always brings the weight up and so it did today. We’ll see what happens after tomorrow early training.
Day 24 (Total in game time: 24 hours, 13 minutes)
I love doing the Wii Fit training early on Saturday and Sunday. Just feels great to start the day with some exercise, afterwards I feel great and have more energy for other things.
My Weight is down again as expected, but just to the same level as I had on thursday (78.4kg, 172.48). I hope I soon get below the 78 kg mark. NowI’m letting the Wii rest until tomorrow and switching to the PC to play some World of Warcraft with my son.
Day 25 (Total in game time: 25 hours, 14 minutes)
Already 25 days now and the end of the month is closing in. I managed to hold my weight of 78.5 kg today which feels good, I take it step by step so just 0.5 more and I’ll be in the 77 kg area. Even if I do 10 press ups each day I still have hard time with them. This is a bit annoying since I never experienced press ups being this hard. However, for the first time I did chose to try out 20 reps and boy that was though. I can tell you I didn’t make 20 real press ups. In the end I felt dead. I really need to work more on those…
Day 26 (Total in game time: 26 hours, 14 minutes)
I had a bad ache in my shoulder today which made the press up training hard so I skipped it and filled out the time with other muscle training modules. To my surprise I did weight exactly the same as yesterday. I’m glad that I’m now keeping this low weight and hope to start loosing some more weight in these last days before February. I got a low time Wii age of 20 years doing the balance tests!! Hehe, reborn 17 years younger, that would be nice.
Day 27 (Total in game time: 27 hours, 14 minutes)
My son lies sick in the flu and even if I’ve taken a flu shot (my boss always makes sure that his employees don’t stay home sick) , I felt a bit unsteady and very exhausted. I guess I’m experiencing a very light version of the flu. Anyway, my weight dropped to an all time low 78 kg (171.6 pounds). Now 77kg is within my grasp, hope to get there before the end of the month.
Day 28 (Total in game time: 28 hours, 15 minutes)
It’s late, I’m tired and just want to sleep after finally getting today’s Wii Fitness hour done so I’ll be even shorter than usual. Weight is up, even if it’s  just by 0.5 kg I still feel it as a bit of an failure as my mind was set on reaching under 78kg.
Day 29 (Total in game time: 29 hours, 16 minutes)
Just two days left until I’ve trained everyday for one full month.My wife can’t believe that I actually still are putting myself on the Wii every single day (I really can’t believe it either). She promised to finally try it out in February. Hehe, I’ll believe it when I see it. My weight today bounced back to 78.1kg  and I hope to be around 77ish at the last day on the month. We’ll see…
Day 30 (Total in game time: 30 hours, 17 minutes)
First time in a long time I got home early.Felt good with doing some Wii Fit training Friday evening and having time to relax afterwards. My body test was a success. I dropped 0.6kg to 77.5kg (170.5) which is great even if it’s still far from my goal of 70.5 Kgs (155.1 lbs). However, I’m in no hurry. I will get there eventually.
Day 31 (Total in game time: 31 hours, 17 minutes)
Last day of the month and incredible enough I endured an entire month. The results are not exactly stunning but at least I lost some weight. Surely, if I were to eat more healthier and do other excises as well, the result would be larger. However, Wii Fit have become a habit that I look forward everyday, unfortunately I always have a lot to do and am sometimes finding it hard to squeeze in an hour. I will continue train Wii fit daily and home to reach the goal sometime soon. From now on I won’t give daily results, but update this page once a month instead.


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Are you training with Wii Fit? I love to hear your results so don’t hesitate to post comments below.


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11 Responses to “My Wii Fit Challenge”

  1. Joanna says:

    Keep it up and you’ll see results.

    From the day I started with Wii Fit, I’ve lost about 3.7kg!

    Today, I’m at my lowest weight yet – 79.1kg.

    My goal is 75kg by the end of this month – I really hope I can do it.


  2. Tyler says:

    In Just over 2 weeks I have lost almost 10 pounds (I don’t know how many kgs that is), so it is working fantastic for me.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for the comments. I’m sure you will reach your goals.

    Great to hear. 10 pounds is 4.5 kilos which is incredible in two weeks. Keep it up!


  4. Mark says:

    Since you’re decreasing your weight via training, you should see a steady decrease in body fat for a longer period. You gain more muscle, which increases you daily energy consumption (the muscles need more energy than body fat) so by exercising you burn calories twice – once during the actual exercise, and then everyday thereafter because you got stronger.

    What’s great is that you will also feel great while excersising and using Wii Fit will make it to a fun experience.

  5. Megan says:

    I’ve found that my Wii Fit’s measured weight varies tremendously day-by-day. However, the Wii Fit is a good alternative when I don’t have time to go to the gym or don’t want to spend a lot of time using it. It needs to be used more than 30 minutes each day in order to really burn the calories.

  6. Jessica says:

    I have been working out on the Wii fit for 6 months. I have now lost 72 lbs. Ten pounds left to lose.

  7. admin says:

    Wow! Great to hear that Jessica. Keep it up and those ten pounds will soon be gone.

    Myself, I had a couple of months pause from the Wii but now I’ve picked up EA Active Sports – More training, which suits my training needs a bit more. I highly recommend that game to anyone who don’t have time to go to the gym.

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