Wii Backups

3 – Making Wii Backups

To read Wii DVD’s be sure to use one of the following devices:

LG-8161b, LG-8262b, LG-8163b, LG-8164b (IDE)
Hitachi LG GDR 8161b/8162b/8263b/6164b (IDE)
Hitatchi LG GDR H10NBLK (SATA)

If you haven’t already installed .net 2.0, you should download it through windows update or here.

Use Rawdump 2.0 to make .iso files of the original DVD.

Use Nero or Imgburn to burn the ISO into your backup DVD.

Be sure to use Verbatime DVD media and burn at 2x speed.

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  1. bradley says:

    Hi used to be able to buy all my back up games from here wiibackupcentre.co.uk cant find them now anyone know where they’ve gone???? help i need some games for christmas

  2. elle says:

    was wondering the same thing myself..


    Is the website “my wii download”fake or genuine. Some one please advise.

  4. lee says:

    i use the wiibackupshop.co.uk good game and cheap try them out

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