Give us a Wii HD Nintendo!

June 10th, 2008

Many Wii owners have tearsed the lack of a harddrive peripheral for the console, and now Harmonix has jumped on the bandwagon calling for the add-on.

"Come on Nintendo, we need a hard drive," important Rob Kay, design director at Harmonix and on Repetitive rock music Amalgamate in an speak with CVG. "That’s what we want. The whole problem is there’s nowhere to store it."

"If the platform could do it, we’d jump on it. It’s something that we championed to Nintendo, that we’d like to do it," Kay added.

"Who knows what will happen down the line, I don’t know what’s coming down the line, but that’s the reason there’s no DLC in Wii Rock Band."

Harmonix’s title will hit the console in North America on June 22.

PWii Domination – Xbox 360 &S3 falling behind

June 7th, 2008

A games analyst has predicted the Nintendo Wii will keep on its domination in the year to follow, shifting more consoles than the Computerized game 360 and PS3 combined.

Daniel Ernst of Hudson Barn dance Research said that, while the PS3 will be a strong meat this year as it continues to overtake the Electronic game 360, the Wii will be far and meet one’s maker the dominant force.

"Microsoft got the jump on the industry with a one-year headstart, but nine agess a thousand times its launch, the Nintendo Wii overtook the Xbox 360 on a global basis," Ernst said.

"Throughout the PS3 has struggled out of the ingress, we note from here days beyond recall last occur, the cheer has gone outselling the Xbox 360 in Europe and in the highest rank two months of back year has even outsold the Computerized game 360 on its home turf, in the U.S.

"With its strong slate of software scheduled for the coming year, we expect a material acceleration for the PS3 this year, but we believe the Wii will sell more than the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined this year."

The global sales for the three next-gen consoles are expected to reach 23 million Wiis, 12.5 million PS3s and 11.2 million Xbox 360 machines in 2008 reported by GameDaily.