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The first blockchain implementation is, bravelog, a private version of the ethereum blockchain, custom-built to record race and biometric data. Gudius is the current World Champion discus thrower.

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Lympo (LYM) a network looking to revolutionize your daily healthy lifestyle by monetizing your daily exercises. This came along with Ethereums smart contract platform that allowed users to create their own decentralized applications and offer public sales of their ERC20 tokens. Lympo is disrupting the fitness world with its unique smartphone and wearables tracking platform that rewards users with cryptocurrency tokens when they reach their fitness and mindfulness goals. However, its logical to think that its priced at 30 to 40 SWC per month and allows you to earn more than 30 SWC per day.

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The tokens will be sold to provide funds for investment in future project growth, pay payments to team members for their development efforts, and to promote the project further as mentioned in Pre ICO. The total inventory of Token will be limited to 400,000 FIT which is 400 Million FIT. However, Liu envisions future applications where nodes would be run by anyone who needs to access the personal health data, including insurance providers, health service professionals and users themselves. While the Bravelog blockchain and the interbank blockchain payments tools are currently separate, Liu tells CoinDesk he'd like to one day see them run on a single blockchain with a universal self-sovereign identity.

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Furthermore, the implementation of this rule will ensure that those who try to deceive the token holders of the Fit Tokens from their hard-earned FIT Token remain unsuccessful and token holders are rewarded for showing enthusiasm for the project. You can purchase goods and services online through the official website. The Sweatcoin app is a fitness tracker. Lympo token holders owning a considerable amount of tokens will be invited to vote on funding proposals.

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Speaking about his new partnership with Lympo,. Based on the success of the event, Fubon has shared exclusively with CoinDesk its plans to scale that blockchain project beyond its current scope. Taiwan blockchain consortium, along with Cathay Financial Holdings, ctbc Bank and others. The aim of the Lympo Blockchain for Sports Foundation is to support sporting events and initiatives around the world while promoting the Lympo app and encouraging healthy lifestyles. You can also transfer coins to friends or donate them to charity.

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To participate in our ICO, you must have a cryptocurrency coin, which you will use to purchase our token. We use key concepts like cap, floor, escrow, audit, bonus, and incentives to protect crowdfund participants from unscrupulous projects, and avoid FIT Tokens from inflation. It is part of a Lympo ecosystem for health and wellness data sharing including all industry players: personal trainers, gyms, sports and wellness businesses and health insurances.

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You can then convert your Sweatcoins into real-world products and services like fitness gadgets or yoga classes through the Sweatcoin offers section. How Lympo aims to revolutionize fitness and wellness. The idea is that customers could voluntarily grant Fubon and others access to their data in exchange for lower premiums. However, the app does have membership levels you can purchase with Sweatcoins. So that irrespective of who my securities broker is, who my insurance company is, who my bank is, I'm only selectively exposing my personal data to each of them.".