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Also, you will get Encumbered while you are here. Click here to buy. Once you have a bunch of goblins on you, kill all of them (having a mercenary makes this faster).

10,000 plat an hour - for real

The Ice Giants are mid to high 40 Levels. Edition, subscribe to our newsletter, by clicking "Sign me up" you are subscribing to the Tom's Hardware newsletter and agreeing to our. Farm EOE area and try to make your way from there to Idol of Thorned and loot all of the goblin chain you can and vendor.

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Combined with what they drop and the pure Platinum, Gold,Siver, and Copper that they drop: they range in net worth of 2-70pp per kill. It's found through the gate behind and to the left of the Nexus Stone. Right from the book as you are facing. Soluseks Eye or Sol A used to be a very popular zone back in the day. The camps are referred to as North, South, and Back.

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This way you can loot till your hearts content. It is still a good zone to level in your 30s but mostly the zone is deserted.

Farming Ice Giants for EverQuest Plat

It is a safe stone for all races/classes. So you can easily get 300-800pp an hour here. Level up a druid port bot.

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This is where the Ice Giants are located there are two guards one on the left and one on the right just inside the fort. Now you could either choose to save items that stack and that you can sell to a vendor if you need quick plat. Now defiant gear might sell fast, or it might sell slow depending on your server.