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Plans include automatic data transfers and distributed data storage, allowing anybody to use AI for their projects. Sellers get fast, low-cost payments without the risk for chargebacks.

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Features include blockchain backups of contracts, decentralized property search, and cryptocurrency payments. Offers secure, private, and untraceable transactions. It pays users a total.5 million, but within two years, users could be paid 50 million a year, according to Susan Eustis, CEO of WinterGreen Research. This includes removing traditional middlemen and directly connecting content creators, advertisers, and users. Learn More A coin with a unique initial distribution model: it was automatically given to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin owners in 2014.

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Learn More Microfinance (small loans that help people start businesses) and remittance (foreign money transfer) service. The goal is to democratize finance by making it transparent and market-based. Holders are promised a 50 profit share.

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Learn More Cryptocurrency designed for cannabis fans. Money for Playing, while games such as, zynga Inc. The token is linked to the average hourly wage in each country to provide employers price stability.

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Learn More Community-driven cryptocurrency that uses decentralized voting, polling, and discussions to make democratic decisions. This includes connecting and securing Blockchains and linking them to traditional technology. The goal is a cheaper and more transparent food shopping experience. Users are encouraged to save the currency and speculate on increased value from future demand. Learn More Athletes, clubs, and sports organizations can use the SportyCo token to crowdfund their projects.

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Learn More A clone fork of Bitcoin designed to enable decentralized services like web DNS and VoIP communication. Bytecoins original code was later adapted to create Monero, the popular anonymous cryptocurrency. Plans include a currency trading system and a service for online gaming. Learn More Combines Blockchain technology with hardware computer chips to help accelerate transactions. Learn More A nonprofit organization thats building an open system where people of all income levels can access financial services.

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Learn More Prepaid debit card and mobile payment app for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Pluton. Dash's team is working to become the default, user-friendly digital cash for the internet.