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Broadly speaking, Security Auditors are expected to have around 3-6 years of experience in general. Develop, deliver, and ensure compliance with security awareness programs. Furthermore, make sure that if you land the position that it will propel your career forward. Senior Security Auditors often have 5 years of auditing experience. A security auditor must be able to identify risky IT procedures and vulnerable software and hardware.

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The following statements are intended to describe, in broad terms, the general functions and responsibility levels characteristic of positions assigned to this classification. IT Auditor Job Qualifications: The Certifications and Degrees Employers Look For. Security Consultant, salaries, the work of security auditing comes under the rubric of many different job titles, but a survey of salaries in the field matches with the.S. Or log in with Facebook, facebook Login. Create exams for IT personnel to evaluate company skill set for security.

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They may stay up to date through open-source resources like the. Travel extensively, some Security Auditors work as independent consultants; others are integral members of IT security teams. Work Experience Many security auditors have little dedicated security experience, but have done lots of work.

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The prospects for this job have a letter grade of B for those considered a career as a security auditor. Certification is often highly recommended and may be required by some employers prior to hiring. Security Auditor Job Requirements Degree Requirements Since this is a technical position, hiring agencies and employers will want to see a bachelors degree and/or a masters degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Cyber Security or a related technical field.

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Like their financial namesakes, IT auditors benefit from highly organized, even fastidious, minds. Washington, DC (209 chicago, IL (107 charlotte, NC (103 san Francisco, CA (95 atlanta, GA (92 dallas, TX (82 houston, TX (79). A security auditor is an experienced professional that knows how to identify vulnerabilities within a system.