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Hearthfire: Extension permettant d'acheter un terrain pour btir son propre manoir avec des matriaux obtenir ; il est galement possible d'adopter des enfants. 2E 841 Attrebus, a notable soldier of the Septim Empire and bodyguard of Amiel Richton, is born. En 2014, avec C0DA, Michael Kirkbride introduit le concept « d'univers open-source » 12, o chacun peut se construire «sa c0da sa version des faits, et considre que le concept de canon n'a pas lieu d'exister. There are also examples of Akaviri architecture present in Skyrim. 43 1E 369 1E 376 The traditional rule of Yokuda's emperors is overthrown.

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Prsentation succincte modifier modifier le code Les jeux The Elder Scrolls se situent dans un univers de fantasy gnraliste qui puise dans les diffrents registres du genre. The Dawn Era begins with the existence. The reason for the delay was that the "primary powers of the Bay were ruled by particularly inept monarchsWayrest and Sentinel both had kings in their minority (editor: Children and Daggerfall was torn by contention between Helena and her cousin Jilathe.

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77 The Rift Main article: The Rift Riften Riften. 70 Geography Skyrim features arctic tundra, mountains, and forests. The northern part of Eastmarch features snowy tundras and mountains, while the central and southern areas of the Hold are volcanically active. 141 The kings of Daggerfall, Wayrest, Shornhelm, Evermore, and Camlorn sign the first Daggerfall Covenant.

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She gave Paarthurnax the task of teaching Mankind the Voice. 248 The Lucky Old Lady statue is destroyed. There is no trace of the college in any of the games. Les uns considrent que comme tous ces textes n'apparaissent pas dans les jeux vido, et que Bethesda ne leur a jamais donn de statut officiel, ils doivent tre considrs comme du fan art non-canon. The Second Era begins with the assassination of the last members of the Reman Dynasty and ends 896 years later, with the unification of Tamriel under the reorganized Septim Empire led by the newly founded Septim Dynasty.

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Legend has it that Wulfharth drew the ire of the Orcs' god Orkey, and that he had the ghost of Alduin Time-Eater reduce all the Nords to the age of six. The Wolf Queen, Book III states that Pelagius Septim II died at the very end of 3E 98, rather than 3E 99 as Brief History of the Empire, Book I states, and that his successor was appointed the following year.

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149 2E 565 2E 566 2E 567 2E 568 2E 570 2E 572 A massive force of Akaviri led by Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal lands in Skyrim and immediately sacks the city of Windhelm, causing the death of Nurnhilde, sister of Jorunn, and Jorunn's mother Mabjaarn. 11 Atmoran-Snow Elf War The Atmoran-Snow Elf War took place in the late middle Merethic Era, 7 and was a campaign which seemed to be indecisive for much of its duration. Its coat of arms is a four pointed star.

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Third Era Main article: Third Era The Wolf Queen Princes Potema, child of Pelagius II, known to Tamrielic history as the "Wolf Queen was married to King Mantiarco, noted as "King of Solitude in 3E 82, when she was 14, and had her first child. These animals are hunted for their meat and pelts which can be sold or utilized for cooking and leather crafting. The sophisticated, literate, and technologically advanced Aldmeri culture drive the primitive beastfolk into the jungles, marshes, mountains, and wastelands. Following the death of King Hoag Merkiller of the Alessian armies at Glenumbria Moors, Wulfharth is made King following the Pact of Chieftains.