Bittrex Order Book Explained (Cryptocurrency Tutorial)

Set the ask price to the lowest price you want to sell. Source: Bittrex Order Book Explained (Cryptocurrency Tutorial).

How to Set Limit Orders and Conditional Orders

Thus, here is a guide that does that. Note : There are other great guides out there, but I havent found one that explains all the order types on Bittrex. Make sure to always set your sell price lower than the condition to make sure it fills. Feel free to search around for other guides to augment this.

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How to Set Market Orders, Limit Orders, and Stop Orders on Bittrex: Or More Generally, How Limit Orders and Conditional Orders Work. You are really only defining the lowest amount you will sell for or highest amount you pay when you set a bid above an ask or ask below the bid, if a better price is on the books, itll fill from that order first. TIP : Bittrex will always give you the best price it can. Even though it essentially works the same as a stop loss, to set a stop buy at a lower price : Set the bid price to the highest price you want to buy. This will include how to set limit orders and how to set stops using conditional orders.

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The button next to that is time in force. Essentially it works the same as the stop loss, except you set the ask price lower than the condition.

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Set the type to conditional. How to set a market order on Bittrex : There is no market order on Bittrex, so to buy the market price set a limit order for the current ask price and to sell the market price set a limit order for the current bid. When you click the bid or ask price button, youll get a drop down. However, some may question the purpose of some of the other conditionals that could just sit on the order books without filling immediately. Note : If you set the bid above the current lowest ask, or the ask above the current lowest bid then itll essentially result in a market order (use conditionals to set orders like this that you dont want to fill right away).