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Whether an item can be moved through your Account Warehouse depends on the particular item's restrictions, so check carefully before making a purchase. Why buy a bigger.U.B.E? What are the benefits of using.U.B.E?

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Whether you can share an item depends on the item itself. It may be more beneficial to completely fill your.U.B.E. Your, cube is an interdimensional storage device which stores all of your belongings. A.U.B.E.'s size depends on the number of cells it holds based on the item's value. At level 30 you may find a quest in your home city (.

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The quest, Ancient Cube, from Baevrunerk, rewards 680 but does not actually reduce the cost of level. When you purchase a large.U.B.E., you get a bonus item!

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For Level 5 you need to talk. And get rewarded for purchasing them as a bundle.

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NCoin to build and buy.U.B.E. Kill, grave Sparkle, a type of bug that swarms all over the Ishalgen Prison Camp. You can find a Cube Artisan. Cannot be exchanged for a refund.

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You can add only items into.U.B.E. Can I still check out? Talk to Baevrunerk to receive this quest. Choose the items that you want to buy and add them into the.U.B.E. You can build.U.B.E.