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The business has certified records going back many years and currently nets over 150,000 per year after all expenses including, lease, payroll etc. Inventory to be counted by independent accountant and sold at cost to buyer. 3,650,000 Gas With Real Estate Car Wash Gas With Real Estate Car Wash Gas With Real Estate Car Wash 2,250,000 Prime location!

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We also offer minutes for cell phones. One of the first questions we usually get from mineral owner is about mineral rights value. You also receive nearly 2,000 per month for Domino's Pizza rent plus they pay 1/2 of all utilities. This is an established business with a loyal customer base.

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The current owner is known for his restaurants and would like to purchase property in New York to build one of his well known restaurant that will be much easy to manage. Store averaging 85k monthly and gas averaging 65k gallons monthly.

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On your cash injection you can make 300'000 a year, your investment rate if return is 3 years. What does this mean for you?   Since oil and gas royalties produce income we can help you get an estimate of how much your royalties are worth. And there is still plenty of room for growth in this area.

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Business priced to sell at only 135,000 Plus Inventory and rent is 1250 a Month! We feature "pay at the pump, U-Haul rentals, EBT, WIC and ATM". NO SBA if you have funds ready 900'000 to inject in this business rest will finance bank. "Turnkey Business Opportunity" 2,475,000, major Brand High-Traffic Convenience Store, high Traffic Northeastern, WI Gas Station/Convenience Store.