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For a virtual hosted-style request "g the CanonicalizedResource is johnsmith". How to do this is browser-dependent, but probably you are more likely to use certificates for web services. Specific methods are well explained on respective provider documentation, they usually consist in a very simple rest call. For example Mobile OTP Client: motp (Mobile one time password) allows you to login with a one time password (OTP) generated on a motp client, motp clients are available for practically all platforms.

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This is necessary because web2py may be installed behind a proxy, and it cannot determine its own public URLs with absolute certainty. When giving permissions on tables, it is common to use a permission name in the set create 'read 'update 'delete 'select since these permissions are understood and can be enforced by the crud APIs.

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You can create groups, give membership and permissions via appadmin or programmatically using the following methods: d_group role 'description returns the id of the newly created group. For example: fine_table dog Field small_image 'upload Field large_image 'upload thorize lambda record: _logged_in and auth. For a virtual hosted-style request "g the CanonicalizedResource is johnsmith/photos/g". It tracks the time as a running total of seconds.

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More info how to send an SMS with web2py Emails-and-SMS Example 2: If you want to send the code by SMS and create or own code: def _sendsms(user, auth_two_factor auth_two_factor #write your own algorithm to generate the code. This works with any smtp server that requires TLS authentication. Request StringToSign GET http/1.1 User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 Host: m Date: Tue, 19:42:41 0000 Authorization: AWS akiaiosfodnn7example: htdyfyduRNen8P9ZfE/s9SuKy0U GETn n n Tue, 19:42:41 0000n /johnsmith/ Note the trailing slash on the CanonicalizedResource and the absence of query string parameters.

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Login_log 'User (id)s Logged-in' ssages. 3 Combine header fields with the same name into one pair as prescribed by RFC 2616, section.2, without any whitespace between values. Authorization and downloads The use of decorators and the use of th do not enforce authorization on files downloaded by the usual download function def download return wnload(request, db) If one wishes to do so, one must declare explicitly which "upload" fields contain files that. Login_onaccept gister_onaccept ofile_onaccept rify_email_onaccept Here is an example: gister_onaccept.

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Making Requests you must include the corresponding security token in your request by adding the x-amz-security-token header. Query String Request Authentication Alternative You can authenticate certain types of requests by passing the required information as query-string parameters instead of using the Authorization http header. Setting signatureTrue adds user and date stamping to auth tables, to track modifications.

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For example, an access control list could be used to grant or deny write access to a particular system file, but it would not dictate how that file could be changed.". To use ldap login with MS Active Directory: Active Directory 1 2 3 4 from ntrib. In this example, there is no restriction on downloading images linked by the "small_image" field, but we require access control on images linked by the "large_image" field.