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John Cherry, "Medieval and post-medieval seals in Collon 1997,. Harvey,.D.A.; McGuinness, Andrew (1996). The seal identifies work performed by, or under the direct supervision of, a licensed professional engineer, and assures the documents recipient that the work meets the standards expected of experienced professionals who take personal responsibility for their judgments and decisions. 14 Sealing wax was naturally yellowish or pale brownish in tone, but could also be artificially colored red or green (with many intermediary variations). Contents Ancient Near East edit Main article: Cylinder seal Seals were used in the earliest civilizations and are of considerable importance in archaeology and art history.

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It is likely that this practice was a factor in the emergence of hereditary heraldry in western Europe in the 12th century. 15 16 The matrices for pendent seals were sometimes accompanied by a smaller counter-seal, which would be used to impress a small emblem on the reverse of the impression.

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Philipp Jaff, Regesta Pontificum Romanorum, nos. London: British Library and Public Record Office. "What Is A Signet Ring And Why Wear One?".

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Seal engravers are considered artists, and, in the past, several famous calligraphers also became famous as engravers. 17 18 Certain medieval seals were more complex still, involving two levels of impression on each side of the wax which would be used to create a scene of three-dimensional depth.

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Typical sample of requirements for a professional seal in the United States. In this case, the design includes a marine seal ( pinniped ) as a visual pun. Pope Nicholas I in the same century complained that the bishops of Dle and Reims had, " contra morem " (contrary to custom sent their letters to him unsealed.

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In the Middle Ages it became customary for the seals of women and of ecclesiastics to be given a vesica (pointed oval) shape. His collection fell as booty to Pompey the Great, who deposited it in a temple in Rome. In general, seals are no longer used in these ways except for ceremonial purposes. In Central and Eastern Europe, however, as in East Asia, a signature alone is considered insufficient to authenticate a document of any kind in business, and all managers, as well as many book-keepers and other employees, have personal seals citation needed, normally just containing text.