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New govt contract could be the catalyst KWK 7/20/12.80.05 26 Has to hold.50 the 50day sma sify 6/6/12 8/12/ MT Held.90 support well and making higher highs 7/23/12 Watching.25 suport on pullback from highs redf 8/12/12. It's lively and engaging, but like Las Vegas, what goes on inside ValueForum stays inside ValueForum. Mid Cap* : Stocks whose market capitalization is between 2 billion and 10 billion. Otcbb : Stocks whose shares trade on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board, irrespective of market capitalization. Which she broke and now holding.75 support, now i really like her here.

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Keep checking OUR ibox/ intro FOR updates TO OUR picks. Pink Sheets : Stocks whose shares trade on the "Pink Sheets" irrespective of market capitalization. They basically get ignored.

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Gmxr 3rd Alert 5/24/12.84 support broken Watching for retest.84 support is broken, watching.83 CVM 6/24/12.34.467 MT 8/12/12 shes getting ready again here soon hero 7/22/12.40.20 MT isle 7/30/ MT flws 7/26/12.14 MT cedc 7/20/12 IN-play.00 FInding new. Therefore, there is great potential as these large firms are not paying attention to these stocks. OEW alert that caught OUR EYE OR scanners!

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