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If t/api/v2/balance/ btcusd_fee Customer BTC/USD trading fee. Can be either "USD" or "EUR". The types of results and default values vary based on the method. Response (json) : success address Address for automatic conversion.

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Request post t/api/open_orders/ Returns data for the BTC/USD currency pair. This call is for your main account only. Use "." as a decimal point.' Parameter X can only be a decimal number. Request post t/api/buy/ Opens an order in the BTC/USD orderbook. This representation is uncommon.

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The precision for amounts of non-XRP currency in the XRP Ledger is as follows: Minimum nonzero absolute value: e-96 Maximum value: e80 Minimum value: e80 15 decimal digits of precision XRP has a different internal representation, and its precision is different: Minimum value: 0 Maximum. Payment objects have the following fields: Field Value Description amount String - Number The amount of the destination currency that the transaction was instructed to send. Never submit account secrets to a server you do not control, unless you are prepared to lose ownership of the account!

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GET v2, supported values for currency_pair : btcusd, btceur, eurusd, xrpusd, xrpeur, xrpbtc, ltcusd, ltceur, ltcbtc, ethusd, etheur, ethbtc, bchusd, bcheur, bchbtc. X is not valid currency.

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Start_date String - Timestamp The approximate date of the first time exchanges for this gateway's currencies appeared in the ledger. Main_net_ledgers Integer Number of consensus-validated production network ledger versions this validator voted for.