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That is why, TBC developer has made its own Trading/exchange platform exclusively for TBC and BTC transactions only as respect to other coins in the market. As you notice, only Bitcoin has the highest value in all of them and other coins value is below. TBC is abundance based coin because it has the maximum ultimate value  of  One Billion when 1 Billion users worldwide are verified.

What IS TBC, crypto currency WHY join THE billion

YOU ARE noerified member OF THE TBC community. There will always be "Profits" with TBC. The Government, companies, banks, institutions are moving in one system called "Central" which  controls our wealth, money and our future., In short, they control our lives and freedom.

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Thebillioncoin or TBC coin is a new innovation as opensource cryptocurrency. Click Here for a Walk Through Video Tutorial To Get Set Up Your Wallet. BUY your TBC NOW while THE market price IS still affordable! Just like the Bitcoin, it can also be used as payment for services or purchases online.

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Any amount is good to start with. First step is to click the register Now button below and become part of ou r fast growing community.

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Because their value depends on the Supply and Demand activities. Aside from the user verification count, TBC coin's value is programmed to grow  from 1 up to 4 price increase  every 24hours.

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Each leaders needs to win an election votes and the winner will be granted the amount of  TBC from the stake coins to be used for the growth of TBC users and developments in respective countries. You can always purchase more coins at any time for your investment to grow quicker or contact me about my personal referral program. It went through trials and errors and was taken for granted but it never stopped developing until it reached its success. Email your TBC Wallet Address (a long series of letters and numbers beginning with T) to or Private Message me on Facebook at m/shanee. WHY TBC IS different?