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Current conversion rate Conversion rate of one fromcode into tocode for today. The rates are derived from the currency's representative exchange rate, as reported by the central bank, normally against the.S. H.10 Foreign Exchange Rates.

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M 4 hours ago, stocks- Wall Street Slumps amid Another Round.S.-China Tariffs. Data source, the data from this service are those downloadable from the ECB's. Example, on, 1 USD equaled.445 ZAR. Yahoo Finance Video m 31 minutes ago,.S.

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The Somaliland shilling - Somaliland Central Bank - has no official exchange rate and Zimbabwe's dollar and exchange rate was indefinitely suspended on April 12, 2009. Federal Reserve and, european Central Bank (ECB).

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Dates for which no rate is known are omitted. In on, this web service allows you to programmatically query a historical exchange rate for a number of currencies, from January 1971 onwards, using exchange rates from the.

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At most 100 rates are returned, spaced evenly in the requested interval. There were forty-two currencies for which one US dollar was worth over 100 units as of January 23, 2011.