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16 responses, moments likely has 92M monthly uniques more than CNN, the New York 7 responses, generally a single point estimate is rarely enough to describe a distribution. Prior to joining Andreessen Horowitz, he was the cofounder and CTO of Founders Fund-backed Counsyl, where he won. "If chosen to head the FDA, it would certainly be an unconventional choice, as Srinivasan's views on FDA have been radical where he has considered FDA as a blocker of innovation said Arsalan Arif, publisher of biotech news site. Software is Reorganizing the World that discusses how social network relationships formed in the cloud are beginning to catalyze physical migrations and gatherings of increasing scale, thereby reorganizing the world.

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Endpoints News.Though his appointment is still a speculative issue, his closeness to Peter Thiel (an investor in Srinivasan's startup and a Trump aide) might help him get the job. Balaji is a big thinker.

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The pharma world is surprised by this possible choice as President-elect. Stanford Bitcoin Group and advises a number of early stage companies.

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"The US is concerned about quality, affordable, medicines and none can beat India (on that). In the speech titled 'Exit he talks about giving tools to people to "opt out" - that would reduce the influence of bad policies over their lives without getting involved in politics. He also runs the.

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"I believe the ability to reduce the importance of decisions made in DC without lobbying and sloganeering is actually going to become extremely important over the next 10 years Srinivasan says in the speech to the Start Up School. Counsyl has quickly become one of the largest clinical genome centers in the world, with their technology now used in 4 of American pregnancies. Srinivasan is the CTO of Coinbase and cofounder of Counsyl ( acquired by Myriad ), m ( acquired by Coinbase Teleport ( acquired by Topia and, coin Center.