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Keep in mind that even the highest flowing water pump and associated high flow thermostat can only move as much coolant thru the closed loop systems as the closed loop systems restrictions allow (clogged radiator cooling tubes). Radiator cap installed, the water temperature inside the engine block can reach a temperature of 257 F, before it begins Nucleate Boiling.

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The design of my custom radiator is similar to heavy-duty trucks and diesels over the road vehicles, where the core has stamped louvered cooling fins, and the core is fully enclosed by the upper and lower tanks, in a very similar manner as depicted. That the search for such a disk has so far come up empty makes certain collision-filled models less likely. The hoses on the vehicle will give some indication, the top hose is extremely hot, and the lower hose is not near as hot, but does not seem to be full of coolant and it is feeling rather soft.

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This indicates that not enough water is being returned to the block, causing the lower radiator hose to collapse in some cases. Each of these bubbles was a universe. Prestone Super Radiator Cleaner each Fall and Spring. I use a Stant P/N lb Lev-R-Vent Radiator Cap as shown above to further pressurize the coolant to raise the boiling temperature. . Friday, June 1, 2018 from, midnight.m., 3.m.,.m.

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Speaking of radiators, most of ours are older than 20 years; the tubes are made of stuff about.010 of an inch thick. The aftermarket suppliers provide various upgrades and enhancements that may be utilized to achieve our cooling requirements, such as improvements in copper radiator designs, aluminum radiators, electrical supplement fans and even electrical fans that eliminate the need for a mechanically driven fan, not to mention. The radiator should drop the temperature of the coolant by about 20- 25 F when the coolant flows through the radiator, at a minimum. Any self respecting sheet metal shop can fabricate a fan shroud out of stainless steel.

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Shown below is a depiction of what you are looking for, 20-inches in diameter and as much pitch as you can find. Once we put this into perspective, we realize that the fan clutch is in reality a boon to those systems that have been designed and are in the middle of their operational parameters, so that the clutch can slip when additional airflow may not. Rusty and I spent some time discussing the ins-and-outs of radiator design and he states that he can get you a Full Size Jeep radiator (P/N 43-6005) for 194 dollars.