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Token holders can utilize the analytical and management interface to allocate capital to desired assets, track performance, participate in fund buyback and get investment results. The total number of BMC to be issued will be calculated by the amount of BMC sold during the distribution period by two. Just as traditional hedge fund administration services exist off the blockchain, Blackmoons model appears largely similar in many ways, although a particularly useful service when they offer to guide managers through the challenges of ensuring regulatory compliance in launching a fund. Fund administrators / advisors can take advantage of the fund issuer admin tool which will pick and order the legal structure of the fund, determine the structure of the smart contract for the specific fund token, track investment results and upload / comply with any.

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Despite these concerns, there are also a number of reasons to suspect the Blackmoon project and BMC token will do well. Finally, Blackmoon also argues that having investment fund structures tokenized will increase the appeal of such investments for investors by adding both transparency relative to the holdings of their managers and liquidity to their own holdings as their tokenized ownership becomes transferable on the blockchain. Each Continuous Contributor role will have specific minimum amounts of BMC tokens that can be deposited while executing the role, although it is noted that most positions aside from fund manager will not have a minimum required amount. Bringing Cryptocurrencies Into the World of Traditional Investing.

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It will be interesting to observe how this proposed fee structure fares, for while it resembles the 2 and 20 long followed by hedge funds who retained a 2 management fee and 20 of profits, the recent, steady declines of these fee structures under investor. Marketplace Lender Blackmoon to Launch Ethereum Token Management Platform.

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CEO of Keynote, a global technology conference company which has been responsible for over 250MM of investments into cryptocurrency / blockchain startups. Bibbsworth advises institutional asset managers in the UK and Europe. It was only a matter of time before Tinder for balance-sheet lenders and debt investors became a thing. While on the legal side, BlackMoon will focus on setting up a fully transparent, auditable environment and be fully compliant with regulations. Continuous Contributors who may choose a variety of roles within the BlackMoon economy such as promoter, analyst, legal advisor, auditor etc.

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Each Investment Advisor will set up a different fund based on their niche / management company recommendation. Oleg was the Co-founder of Flint Capital, a venture capital firm that focuses on alternative lending in Europe and. John has 30 years experience in investment banking and asset management. These Are Their Responses.

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Blackmoon community right away. Blackmoon also argues its fund structure will simplify and reduce the costs and complexity associated with creating a new fund, an interesting prospect in the context of widespread and ongoing closures of hedge funds over the last few years, which presumably has left a number.