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You can always open a support ticket if you do think something is wrong. M, sharkoin is a brilliantly simple and very addictive online game! So you have to make more than.25 on a trade to turn a profit on Bittrex.

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Find the wallet you want to send to, for example Ethereum. I suggest you thus start by creating. Note : Trading crypto to crypto can be risky for more reasons than I can list (Ill include a list of reasons on the site shortly).

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Click the login button in the top right of the screen on the Bittrex home page. Follow those directions, they can differ by coin. Once your account is verified and you are ready to trade, youll need to load some coins/tokens into the appropriate wallet. TIP : Please note the directions in the box below the address you created carefully. However, you should note that this is subject to change and you may pay transaction costs moving to and from Bittrex if the other entity you are using charges transaction fees or other fees.

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On Bittrex you can trade BTC for almost any altcoin, compare that to gdax where you can only trade a few different trading pairs (usdt/BTC, ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC, etc) and youll immediately see the value of Bittrex. Of course, that is for a stop loss, you can also use this tool to set buy orders if a certain price is hit (for those set your bid price a little higher than the condition for the same reasons). Note : Stop loss orders are a little strange on Bittrex.

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For our example we will send Ethereum from Coinbase to Bittrex. Its a strange choice of semantics, but this is how it works. Bittrex is not a novice level exchange, but once you a ready for it, it is a place where a lot of digital money can be made! (To the Above Point) Keep transaction costs in mind, as you cant fund Bittrex with USD.

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You can also send any coin you have that trades on Bittrex. Then click the signup button below the login box. If that doesnt make sense, you probably arent ready for Bittrex and should play around with gdax and Coinbase more.