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Worldwide : DigiBytes are already stored, traded and transacted in over 89 countries. Tag # Name, marketCap, price, volume (24h circulating Supply 7d chart.

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Other coins worth interest, top coins with, secure. Native Wallet : DigiByte Wallets are available for Windows, Apple OS X, Android, Chrome, Linux with iOS coming soon.

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Widely Accepted Coins : DigiBytes are used and accepted by a huge number of traders on the internet, making the coin instantly usable for the users. Why DigiByte, digiByte seems to be a Bitcoin clone but it offers several improvements which Bitcoin lacks. Lets see what happens.

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One of the major bits of news to hit this space over the last few weeks is that gaming network Steam has stopped supporting bitcoin because of its slow transaction processing times. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency. Easily Scalable : DigiByte blockchain can easily be scaled to meet the requirements of mass adoption.

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When it comes to altcoins, the risk is that development dries up and the supportive network dwindles. This is important for a couple of reasons but, primarily, because it means there exists a strong and solid network of developers and nodes already in place. The token saw volume of close to 45 million over the last twenty-four hours, nearly six times average daily volume, and currently trades for a market cap of just shy of 350 million. Which sets things up for a two-pronged strategy. DApps Support : DigiByte facilitates the creation and running of DApps on the network.

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If this happens, the features that set these sorts of coins aside from others disappear (as if they are being mined, transactions arent being processed) and so the longer the coin has been around and, in turn, the larger the network that supports it, the. The development started in October 2013 and was officially launched in January 2014. The other difference is that it allows for a range of different mining processes. DigiByte is going after the microtransaction market, with an early focus on the gaming sector.

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In April 2017, Segregated Witness (SegWit) protocol was introduced to the network, making it the first ecosystem to utilise that technology. A Bright Future : DigiByte has many new exciting projects underway to be released throughout 2015 to increase DigiByte utility and new user adoption across the globe.