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Central Maine Power is an electric utility serving more then 560,000 customers in the State of Maine. What is Energy Manager? Energy Manager is our free and secure on-line tool that works with your smart meter so you can track your energy. Report A Power Outage, to report a power outage, please fill in one of the options below.

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Also Known as: CMP, Central Maine Power, co, CMP, cmpco, m Central Maine Power was added to the directory by a user on November 18, 2009. Our Pledge to You. Most Mainers likely have heard the recent reports about electricity bills, higher energy use, smart meters and Central. Adjust currency for any of your workers. Marktkapitalisierung (USD 1,410,800 Derzeit Gesamtanzahl: 34,231,165.00 Volumen 24h USD: 6,603 1h: -0.25).