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Xtrabytes is a project that most people have never heard of, yet it has the potential to render all of the top cryptocurrencies obsolete. The community is not toxic like others on the subs, slacks, anns. Most of the mining had been done, and the mooning had already occured. See the White Paper for more information on the technical details of how the static nodes function in conjunction with everything else, like the vitals and the pulse.

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Member Offline Activity: 364 Merit: 250 ekoja Hero Member Offline Activity: 686 Merit: 500 kamiyama. Earn passive income by hosting DApps. Member, offline, activity: 364, merit: 250 xusxuquade. Have a say in the project's future. I was looking for a project that I could get behind, that hadn't had 2 years of growth, where I felt like I missed the first mover advantage.

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Xtrabytes Was Designed With Security In Mind. Offering a monetary incentive to push the xtrabytes project forward is a real world solution where participants are paid for the hard work and time they put into this project. . XtraBYtes payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction remain private. This means that programmers with nearly any level of experience can create D-Apps in Visual Basic, Java, C, and more. E-Commerce For Blockchain Era kaconk, hero Member, offline, activity: 826, merit: 502.

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xtrabytes expands on this concept even further by allowing third party developers to build agnostic coded modules in nearly any programming language right onto the xtrabytes core. . Static nodes secure the network, as they all sign off on transactions, while providing a bedrock for everything built on top of the platform. . In the words of Zoltan Szabo, the main developer: We are not creating a coin, we are creating a coin factory.

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Again, anyone who wants to read more or ask questions can go to the Bitcointalk discussion or join us on Slack. In addition, Bitcoin mining and PoW cryptocurrencies in general consume a great deal of energy. From the X-change, a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform (DEX to the X-vault, a secure, encrypted data storage, xtrabytes offers it all. X-change A Decentralized Exchange - The First Module Built On The xtrabytes Core.

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July 11, 2018, 02:33:20 AM (Moderator: mprep )  Poll, question: The result of our static nodes poll was 500,000 coins on deposit for Level 1 static nodes. Medium, instagram, vimeo, slack, company name: xtrabytes, company site: obal/ Company contacts: Eric Wolff Email. As this takes place, individuals who hold XBY would benefit, as would static node holders, as they continuously collect transaction fees and service fees from modules, while their node increases in value.

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Xtrabytes (XBY) - Cryptopia and Yobit. The xtrabytes platform is designed to be built upon through D-Apps that can be written in nearly any programming language. Member, offline, activity: 364, merit: 250.