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Significance : Back in August 2014 the price of bitcoin was around 500 coming down from the 1200 all time high but rising from the low in the 300s it made 3 months prior. Genesis Block on January 3rd 19:05:05 UTC Time. The Wall Street Journal report the exchange hacking narrative had caused mass sell-offs, Vays assumed that a further halving of prices would see fresh calls that Bitcoin, as one Twitter user described the situation in 2014 after. So just as a thought experiment, I decided to apply the most basic idea from Martins writing to Bitcoin.

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Here is the python code thanks to a loyal followers of my content, enjoy: import time import datetime from math import pi genesis_datetime 19:15:05 date_fmt Y-m-d H:M:S seconds_in_a_day cyclic_period_seconds 1000 * pi * seconds_in_a_day def date2epoch(date_str return rptime(date_str, date_fmt).timetuple def epoch2date(epoch_time return rftime(date_fmt, time. If SegWit2x continues to be a clown show shacking market confidence, we could see continued price drops into uncertainty and a potential price low as SegWit Activates 1st week of August bringing back set confidence.

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It may be when the Ecosystem realizes uasf has succeeded or the day people like me admit defeat of the movement. Martin Armstrongs work for a long time and even attended several. Not just price, but relative strength index (RSI moving average convergence/ divergence (macd and Stochastics confirm the trend and put the (Bitcoin) outlook identical to late (August) 2014, he said. In this case price could reverse around Aug 11th from a range of 1,200 1,800 setting off a new Bull Run to the next key cycle date.15 years (or at least till the Hard Fork drums of SegWit2x start beating). Note : At this point I would like to thank Mark B for providing a Python script in order to remove all rounding errors when determining the date.

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In that video I also talked about how Europe will be the driving force to put Bitcoin back in the spotlight with their Bank closures. Ever since getting involved in the Crypto Currency ecosystem in early 2013, he has been very active. Its Been A Long Time. We can also consider multiples of this day as slightly less significant, which is why in the 2014 article I was looking at half and quarter cycles to find dates of significance to keep an eye on (more on this later as well). We are considering your request and will contact you in due course.

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Vays added: Just wait a month or two, if BTC is half the price it is now, you will hear all of that again. Publication of the Bitcoin White Paper and the first popular financial transaction giving Bitcoin a price, the most logical one seemed to be the generation of the.

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Note : I used.61 years in the original article as I divided by 365 instead. This is all nonsense and completely irrelevant: Yes, I am fully aware that this sounds like an Astrological reading of the Bitcoin horoscope. Errors: At this time I would like knowledge the fact that this is completely speculative and im not really using Martin Armstrongs supper computer for date generations. The Math: In its most basic form, taking the number.1416 and giving it a multiplier of 1000 3,141.6 days. His expertise is in Economic Trends, Trading and Risk Analysis.

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Derivatives Trader, Analyst Content Creator in the realm. The code will be at the bottom of the articles for those interested in running it on your own. Price is NOT trending into first week of August and remains choppy: In this case we will be looking for this date to correspond to some kind of resolution on SegWit. When the price was rising between April June it looked like there was nothing stopping it and SegWit activation via uasf was going to be a sell event from the 3,000-4,000 price range making August 11th (or near there) a price high. SegWit2x vs uasf resolutions, there is still plenty of unknowns between now and inevitable dates in August that will shape the Bitcoin ecosystem for years to come: Possible Outcomes: So assuming that this date is actually significant, what are some of the things to expect.