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In 1988 stainless steel 10-, 25- and 50-paise coins were introduced, followed by 1- and 5-rupee coins in 1992. "Issue of 10/- Banknotes with incorporation of Rupee symbol.

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RBI intervention in currency markets is solely to ensure low volatility in exchange rates, and not to influence the rate (or direction) of the Indian rupee in relation to other currencies. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, August, 1901". Between 19, aluminium one-, two-, three-, five- and ten-paise coins were introduced. Retrieved "Don't take 1,000 and 500 Indian rupee notes to Nepal". 28 The Indian rupee replaced the Danish Indian rupee in 1845, the French Indian rupee in 1954 and the Portuguese Indian escudo in 1961.

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This dealt a blow to an already deteriorating British economy. However, Spanish dollars continued to circulate and 1845 saw the introduction of coinage for the Straits Settlements using a system of 100 cents 1 dollar, with the dollar equal to the Spanish dollar or Mexican peso. Retrieved Rituparna Kar and Nityananda Sarkar: Mean and volatility dynamics of Indian rupee/US dollar exchange rate series: an empirical investigation in Asia-Pacific Finan Markets (2006) 13:4169,.

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A b "Issue of new series of Coins". India follows the same principle as Great Britain and the. In the following year, both the quantity and the price rose further, net exports totaling.4 million ounces, valued.65.52 crores.

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Between 20ew, lighter fifty-paise, one-, two- and five-rupee coins were introduced, made from ferritic stainless steel. The design of banknotes is approved by the central government, on the recommendation of the central board of the Reserve Bank of India.

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Post independence issues edit First banknote of independent India, one rupee, 1949 After independence, new designs were introduced to replace the portrait of George. A panel (set up to explore capital account convertibility) recommended that India move towards full convertibility by 2000, but the timetable was abandoned in the wake of the East Asian financial crisis. Today, the currency of Bangladesh is officially known as taka. The RBI introduced the series in 1996 with 10 and 500 banknotes. 62 Unlike China, successive administrations (through RBI, the central bank) have not followed a policy of pegging the INR to a specific foreign currency at a particular exchange rate.

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In January 2014 RBI announced that it would be withdrawing from circulation all currency notes printed prior to 2005 by The deadline was later extended to The dead line was further extended to 48 There had been discussions on the necessity to withdraw notes. 19 20 During Babar's time, the brass to silver exchange ratio was roughly 50:2.