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Model description motor voltage price 8930 2-Door Oval Vacuum 2-Motor 120V/ 20 Amp 2,399.21 8930VR 2-Door Oval Vacuum - Vault Ready 2-Motor 120V/ 20 Amp 2,399. It's sleek design and coin box situated on the end allows for numerous site layouts. JE Adams Super Vacs, combination Vacuums, vacuum Island Caopy Bases. V Large Stainless Steel Dome 2-Motor 220 V / 1ph @ 50 Hz 1,496. The advantages of having a third motor include higher suction This can be important at higher altitudes but may not be noticeable to the regular carwash customer.

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Order Online or Call Toll Free (866) 858-4982. Decal Colors: Black (standard Blue, Violet, Yellow, no power cord or plug provided (see your electrician to provide wires to terminal strip on unit).

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Push Button Conversion Kit This push button timeout option shuts down the vacuum if left. Coin Operated Vacuum Systems LD, classic Single Door Vacuum Systems, features: One Service door with 2 Spring-Action Style Bag Assemblies 120 Volt, 20 Amp (2 motor) Ratings. Ordering Information - free shipping, select dome light, vacuum hose, and decal colors at NO additional charge in shopping cart.

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Large Stainless Steel Dome 3-Motor 120 V/ 30 Amp 1,498.70 9235-3LD Lighted Dome 3-Motor 120 V/ 30 Amp 1,399. Most of the vacuums offer four filter bags This gives a large total area of filtration to reduce the loss of suction to the filter. Ordering Information - free shipping model description price 9225PBK Push Button Conversion Kit - for 9225, 9235-3, 9235LD 181.10 Dual Vacuums Shown Optional red dome red hoses Lighted Domes Lock Detail Dual Vacuums Features: Face plate with 1 Medeco cam lock (per side) Security channel. Car Detailing Stations, car Wash Vacuum Accessories, features benefits.

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Model description motor voltage price 9225 Small Stainless Steel Dome 2-Motor 120 V/ 20 Amp 1,279.70 9235 Large Stainless Steel Dome 2-Motor 120 V/ 20 Amp 1,375.90 9235LD Lighted Dome 2-Motor 120 V/ 20 Amp 1,092. Small Stainless Steel Dome - Wall Mounted 2-Motor 120 V/ 20 Amp 1,335. Another reason to consider is if one of three motors is out, it is not nearly as noticeable as one of two being out.