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The corporation explains that it is engaged in various activities, including but not limited to investment and management of commercial enterprises. The token also promises to offer global accessibility. Whos Behind One Coin?

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So what makes One Coin different? All One Coin users are required to go through KYC/AML verification. However, these are the features the developers have chosen to advertise on the official website. Theres a total supply of 120 billion ONE tokens.

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Transparent: One Coin describes itself as transparent and secure because it maintains a continuously updating digital ledger of all transactions. There will be four rounds to the ICO.

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The website has no listed products or services. The, eOS ICO is far and away the most lucrative token sale, in part because its 355-day duration is also the longest of any major blockchain project. Due to a high sales approach, every GeBe Group venture is a massive expansion potential. EOS, which needs to select 21 Block Producers - and also has a long list of candidates to sort through.

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Tron is attempting to unite the community and achieve one of the most complex feats of governance in the crypto space. Essentially just Testnet.0 which will be running and testing for 3 more weeks till Coin is Swapped and Trx20 run on its own network, wrote Redditor owldie. The developer claims to have plans to make One Coin one of the worlds largest cryptocurrencies.

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EOS software following its initial release. The information we do see online suggests that its one big investment scam or Ponzi scheme.