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App is a culmination of almost 5 years of research and development around connected health data, working with global insurance, pharma, universities, senior living organizations and others adds Bewley. Patrick Bewley, CEO of EVO in a statement. What if you had a non-judgmental friend who knows: Your bodys day-to- day health statistics. The EV app communicates with wearable devices via your Android or Apple iOS smartphone. Source Big Cloud Analytics Inc.

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To learn more or download the app, visit ience. 115, View original content: ml, source Big Cloud Analytics Inc.

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Using your own biometrics gathered from your phone and wearable device, EV combines the best of data and behavioral science to deliver a personalized experience. EV uses your own bodys data and combines it with both scientific and behavioral information to develop a health and wellness program custom made just for you. But, why read when you can experience the benefits.

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EV is a powerful leap forward for individuals as well as program managers because its capabilities deliver value across corporate wellness, cost and risk management, acute care, senior care and clinical trial applications. According to BCA's CEO, JP Bewley, "EV combines biometric, clinical- behavior, psychometric and lifestyle data to deliver an engaging, lifelong personalized wellness experience. Wellness Engagement Strategies for a Healthier You. Your lifestyle, your health and wellness goals, eV knows just the right things to say to encourage you to achieve and maintain those goals.