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Fund Manager: Gold, Silver And The Miners Are All Acting Different Right Now. We Could See An Upside Surprise In Silver At ANY moment Including A JP Morgan Double-Cross.

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Stewart Dougherty: EFPs Are Much More Disturbing Than Just A comex Delivery Failure. Trained Militants Carrying Out Chemical Attacks In Syria Three Weeks Ago.

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Bill Holter: The Economy Is Not About Politics Its About Math And The Math Doesnt Work. There Is Something Gold Silver Must Do Before The Rally Can Begin In Earnest. Alasdair Macleod: The Dollar Killing Financial Crisis Begins this year.

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Purchasing Power In Terms Of Silver (Spoiler Alert: Silver Is Extremely Undervalued Right Now). David Morgan: Silver To Outperform Gold In 2018. Doug Casey: Gold Will Hit 2000 By The End Of This Year.

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Bix Weirs Timely Update After Chaos In Cryptoland: Ill hodl If They ALL GO down. Jim Willie: 58 Recent Global Shifts That Are quickening The Death Of King Dollar. Rickards Warns: prepare immediately For Fallout From Massive Escalation In The Trade Wars.