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API Unit, Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary, accessed 11 Nov. Use GF-5 where GF-2 is recommended. API SN with Resource Conserving matches ilsac GF-5 by combining API SN performance with improved fuel economy, turbocharger protection, emission control system compatibility, and protection of engines operating on ethanol-containing fuels up to E85. SA Obsolete caution : Contains no additives. Today, the most common grades are 5W-30.

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When using CK-4 oil with higher than 15 ppm sulfur fuel, consult the engine manufacturer for service interval recommendations. "API Committee on Petroleum Measurement (copm. Visit m for more information about the new API CK-4 and FA-4 engine oils standards.

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Settling Gelation Index 12 NR 12 Emulsion Retention NR NR No Water Separation Seal Compatibility ilsac GF-5 limits apply Phosphorous, max / min.08 /.06 NR /.06.08 /.06 Engine Tests Sequence VID NR NR Pass robo or Sequence iiiga Pass. The Vote 4 Energy campaign does not promote any specific candidate or party, but rather provides voters with energy information to equip them to evaluate candidates on the federal and local levels and make decisions in favor of domestic energy on Election Day. Not suitable for use in most gasoline-powered automotive engines built after 1930. Better sludge control, better seal compatibility, aftertreatment compatibility.

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CF Obsolete obsolete : Introduced in 1994. SF, obsolete caution : Not suitable for use in most gasoline-powered automotive engines built after 1988. CD Obsolete caution : Not suitable for use in most diesel-powered automotive engines built after 1994.

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For high-speed, four-stroke engines designed to meet 1998 exhaust emission standards. Fast Company reported that some attendees had no idea of the purpose of the event. For 2004 and older automotive engines. The first piece of information speaks to viscosity grade.

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The vote 4 energy campaign was criticized for presenting misleading arguments about the relationship between oil production and jobs whilst ignoring the potentially catastrophic consequences of increased fossil fuel consumption on the Earth's climate. The program certifies that an oil meets certain Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality and performance standards.