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But as of the end of Q3 weve realized 967 stock trades recommended in real-time in our newsletters since 2001, which averaged stellar annualized realized gains.9 over that long span! While bitcoin and its blockchain distributed-ledger technologies are amazing and will indeed likely change the world, they dont justify bitcoins extreme vertical gains. . These are very-rare events where some market blasts higher so radically that it captures the popular imagination. . Then on Thursday I write and proof each essay before publishing it Friday morning. . Its only valuable when you cash it out to a real currency again, like the US dollar, and use it to buy something useful like a nice house or a business.

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But at least 98 of MMM readers do not live in countries where this is an issue. Even if you win some money through dumb luck, you have lost some time and life energy, which means you have lost.

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Dont be one of these fools. Truly bitcoin and its brilliant blockchain distributed-ledger system are amazing technologies. .

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Favorite": Bitcoins growth is not based on its technology alone (which, while powerful, is open-source and therefore easily replicable) but rather on the strength of virality, encouraged by the vested interests who held early and invested in marketing it; with no genuine business underlying. If you buy into the 10,800 package, for example, then youll receive 21,600 in a 120 day period (180 per day).

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If youre one of these credible people, please do so in the comments or in a blog post on Medium that we can all read. The real test of if you should be a cryptocurrency supporter: would you be exactly as passionate and spend the same amount of time thinking about it, if Bitcoin were still an obscure piece of code, worth less than one cent, and offered no chance. After taking a staggering.3 years to regain January 1980s high, silver held it for a single day and has never returned since. .

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Some of my conversations with him inspired the research in this article. We dont know the GPUs used, the hashrate of the project, or any other relevant information.