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By default, desktop Chrome browsers use the process-per-site model, that isolates different sites from each other, but groups all instances of the same site into the same process. Not unlike the ResourceDispatcherHost, which is responsible for coordinating all of the network activity within Chrome, the Predictor object creates a number of filters on user and network generated activity within Chrome: IPC channel filter to monitor for signals from the render processes ConnectInterceptor object. Note that this allows up to six http and six https connections to the same host, port! Posa is a collection of essays about performance optimization, designing for performance, managing performance as part of a development process, and more. # Before we get to the tactical details of how to optimize our interaction with the network, it helps to understand the trends and the landscape of the problem we are up against.

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Well, what if the browser provided an API to do this? One of the advantages of this architecture is that all resource requests are handled entirely on the I/O threads and neither any UI generated activity, or network events interfere with each other. Both hints, when used well and in the right context, can help significantly with optimizing the user experience on your site.

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In fact, even 470 milliseconds may be an optimistic estimate: If the server response does not fit into the initial TCP congestion window (4-15 KB then one or more additional roundtrips of latency is introduced SSL delays could get even worse if we need. Fax: 43 3333 / 37 54-18. The in-memory implementation is used for the Incognito browsing mode and is wiped clean whenever you close the window.

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The book will be published in Spring 2013 under a Creative Commons license with royalties going to Amnesty International. Optimizing navigation with prerendering # Each and every optimization we have covered up to now helps reduce the latency between the user's direct request for a navigation and the resulting page rendering in their tab. Large Closets *In Select Apartments, upgraded Clubhouse, coming Soon!

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This is the reason why Chrome's network stack is much, much more than a simple socket handler. To most users and even web-developers, the DNS, TCP, and SSL delays are entirely transparent and are negotiated at network layers to which few of us descend or think about. However, to keep things simple, let's assume one of the simplest cases: one distinct process for each open tab.

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Each message from the renderer is serialized and passed to a dedicated I/O thread, which dispatches it to the kernel process. Finally, if neither of the above conditions is matched, then the request must begin by resolving the hostname to its IP address - aka, a DNS lookup.