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On the contrary, it might be perfectly normal for inflation to trend toward low single digitswithout central bank interventionwhen a large trade deficit diverts purchasing power overseas, foreigners fail to inject that purchasing power cleanly back into Americas circular flow, and commercial banks refrain from. You can always find the current consumer price index in the ticker box under the header on every one of our pages. Use our custom search to find more articles like this). "A Theoretical Framework for Monetary Analysis". Notable proponents edit See also edit General: References edit a b Phillip Cagan, 1987.

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In future commentaries, Ill make recommendations for applying it to economic and capital market forecasting. The BLS pegged the index in 1984 at 100* (see Footnote).

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In fact, recent trends in monthly data place core CPI inflation above 2 again by spring or early summer, and core PCE inflation could follow. Normally, we want to know how much prices have increased since last year, or since we bought our house, or graduated College (or High School) or perhaps how much prices will increase by the time we retire or our kids go to college.

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Chapter 1 is previewed at Friedman, 2005,. (For a more thorough discussion on this topic, see my recently published book, Economics for Independent Thinkers, which applies circular-flow concepts to various issues in economics.). In other words, core inflation can be volatile regardless of the circular-flow indicators direction.

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Current CPI, index (in the top portion) and the Current Inflation rate in the bottom half. The Demand for Money: Theories, Evidence, and Problems, 4th. Though he opposed the existence of the Federal Reserve, 2, friedman advocated, given its existence, a central bank policy aimed at keeping the growth of the money supply at a rate commensurate with the growth in productivity and demand for goods. CPI or (Consumer Price Index). But what about the five cycles marked by disinflation or low inflation?