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If a bad guy gets on to your wireless network and does something illegal, law enforcement may knock on your door. The other sites auto-detect your current IP address, but. That's what the above map shows. What's an IP address? On networks such as the Internet that use the TCP/IP protocol stack (which is most networks nowadays the unique number is called an IP address.

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However, they would disclose that information under subpoena to law enforcement agencies. Only an Internet Service Provider (ISP) knows the real name and home address that corresponds to an IP address.

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but no personal information. This cuts both ways. Or use our email tools that are the best you can find anywhere. Thus, a single IP address, assigned to the router, is shared by many computers. A website can monitor online behavior through online visits and viewing.

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If you have any questions about the IP Address Lookup tool or the results, please check out our. Some people gladly share their wireless network with their neighbors.

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Your operating system deals with private IP addresses as does your router. The outside world only communicates with the router.

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To techies, IP addresses are 32 bit binary numbers, but to normal people they consist of four decimal numbers, each between zero and 255, separated by periods. Advertisers use online tracking to place ads that might be of interest to website visitors.

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In some circumstances, however, they will tell law enforcement agencies the exact physical location associated with an IP address. Geotool is the service used by Flagfox. Your IP address AND other information could lead someone to you. At this time, we are not aware of any IP address database that will give you the exact physical postal address of the IP address you lookup.