How do you convert dollars per gallon to dollars per liter?

There also is.2 cents per gallon state UST fee. Just multiply the number of amount in kilo per liter to the following conversion of pounds per gallon.

Online Calculator Converting the cost Cents Per Litre

And why I can't see a transaction older than 30 days? Troy ounces per US gallon.

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Conversely if the price currency is strengthening, the exchange rate number decreases and the unit currency is depreciating. Plug your numbers into this formula: mg per liter.003785 grams per US gallon. KWh is a measure of energy. Read a very detailed analysis of exchange rates and the differences when converting from one currency to another.

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From December to June 2009, gasoline prices went from about.50.50, while oil went from 30/barrel to 70/barrel. As long as you don't change the value of the number, you can do what you want.

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Multiply (dollars per lb).20462. 11 pesos /.7 pesos per dollar.87 dollars for each liter 1 gallon.785 liters.87.785.29 dollars per gallon 1 gallon.54609 litres So 1 gram per litre.54609 grams per gallons (the volume is in the denominator) ie multiply grams. Divide that amount.78 (3.78 Litres per US Gallon) to get CDN /L.