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Get currency pair with additional info. If you don't see what you need, you can request a feature on our. The most popular, in terms of directory page views, is the. The curl request looks like this in a PHP file (use a tool like mamp or server to run the PHP API_KEY "your_API_KEY ch curl_init curl_setopt(ch.

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Track this API EZX iServer API : FIX Routing and Normalization Service. Please note that all orders are sorted. You can see the list of all available pairs calling public method markets Example: client- getOrderBook Response: "success 1, "result "buy "Quantity "0.00189631 "Rate "58.27632628", "Quantity "0.00325300 "Rate "100.00000000", "sell "Quantity "0.00011358 "Rate "2.84740126", "Quantity "0.00001995 "Rate "0.50000000" base url: method: GET.

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I tried to use Quandl. Track this API Xignit"s API : Market"s for.S. The presence of delisted stock fundamentals allows back-testing without survivorship bias. Track this API Stocklytics Company Data API : Company Data Lookup Service.

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' br/ echo dataForSingleDate- '2. Tables API, while time-series only contain sorted numeric values, tables can include various unsorted data types (strings, numbers, dates, etc.) and can be filtered by different fields.    deposit fee currency. In this post, Im going to explore the use of integrating with the stock market via PHP and Python code.

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Track this API XigniteGlobalBondMaster API : Corporate bond information service. I've looked at Google Finance API and apparently you can only use it to make iGoogle gadgets so that won't work. Track this API Knight Hotspot FX API : Market Data Service.

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   Invalid Currency Pair currency pair is not present  in the list of available Example: client- getMarketSummary Result: "currency BTC "partner USD "currency_long Bitcoin "partner_long USD "min_order_amount.000000, "min_buy_price 0, "min_sell_price 0, "buy_fee_percent.002, "sell_fee_percent.002, "active false, "currency_precision 8, "partne_precision 3, "market_name BTC_USD". Track this API ForexYard API : Automated Trading Service. XigniteHistorical API : Closing prices for.S. Track this API Collective2 API : Stock trading system automator. Corporate Actions Zacks Dividends Dividend history and announcements for 5,000 US and Canadian stocks EventVestor Corporate Buybacks Stock buyback announcements, 4,000 US listed stocks, history to 2007.

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You can see the list of all available pairs calling public method markets Example: Return an overview of: "success 1, "result "id 1234, "timestamp, "quantity "2.85310747 "price "0.00003251 "type "sell", "id 1234, "timestamp, "quantity "2.85882512 "price "0.00003989 "type "BUY", "id 1234, "timestamp, "quantity "0.61280000 "price. Return an overview of: Need field: Pair The parameter pair can be "BTC_NXT "BTC_ETH" or any other pair that available right now. Found Something That Worked.    market name base url: method: GET currency1: string to select first currency currency2: string to select second currency The parameters currency1 and currency2  can be "BTC "NXT " or any other currency that available right now. For the full time-series syntax, consult our.