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Knowledge is power, our platform gives you all the info you need, when you need. Note how price holds in this area and we have a sustained sideways movement. During this period both sides of the market are actively involved and the period of time spent at this price level is usually high as a result.

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The profiles help us know these levels and trade accordingly. Are you sure you want to place scaled order? Because there is a lot of business done in that area, HVN's imply "fair value." When price approaches a previous HVN, the typical behavior is to spend time in this area and not rush through because this was a previous "fair value" area. In the chart above, 1040 is an HVN. The market usually tests the level and then passes through or gets rejected.

Hive Project (HVN) - ETH - Money flow, trading volume by exchange

Amount, price, are you sure you want to place buy order? LVNs typically represent areas on the profile where little trading took place between buyers and sellers and will generally be a price level that gets quickly rejected by traders. Get trading, we handle thousands of trades for different crypto pairs daily. During this time period the market has "found value" and trading at this level is sustained. Dear traders, new markets are now open for trading: DWS/BTC, DWS/ETH, DWS/usdt, appc/BTC, appc/ETH, appc/usdt.

Hive Project (HVN) - BTC - Money flow, trading volume by exchange

HVNs and LVNs provide a structure by which trades can logically be identified. We see a lot of time and volume at this price. Learn more in our Blog, are you sure you want to place sell order?

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Profiles give us a way to categorize the price and volume data in a different way, allowing us to see things most of the trading world misses. If you agree to our use of cookies, please continue to use our site. HVNs do not need to contain the vpoc volume point of control or high volume node for the profile to be considered an HVN. Hive (HVN uSD, gecko Rank #183 Market Cap Rank #399.04.33, market Cap 14,436,633.53 24 Hour Trading Vol 14,596.64 24h Low / 24h High.04 /.04, available Supply 375 Million / 500 Million.