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Near it is a pristine white chair. But it is done, which is all that matters. Hero: Nothing bad has happened to me so far.

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Sahira-daro: While searching for the shrine, a spirit appeared to me and warned me away. Currency United States Dollar (USD)Australian Dollar (AUD) ast;Brazilian Real (BRL) ast;British Pound Sterling (GBP) ast;Canadian Dollar (CAD) ast;Chinese Yuan (CNY) ast;Danish Krone (DKK) ast;Euro (EUR) ast;Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) ast;Japanese Yen (JPY) ast;Mexican Peso (MXN) ast;Polish Zloty (PLN) ast;Russian Ruble (RUB) ast;Swiss Franc (CHF) ast;Turkish. I need to locate the three forbidden tomes before someone less capable stumbles upon them. Them in the shrine's flame, quickly! After this, the Vestige must find the ruined shrine.

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The pain in your head is excruciating. I only wanted to make something beautiful!" in a sad voice, and the vision will disappear. Should you give the tomes to Sahira-daro, the flame will go out, Cartirinque will disappear without a word, and Sahira-daro will begin to wander off after giving you a token of hers and some gold.

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Sahira-daro: Answers to unasked questions. I can't hear them anymore. You managed what I could not.

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Temple of the Crescent Moons, journal of Bravam Lythandas, northwest of, temple of the Mourning Springs. Choosing to burn the books gives the Vestige the. Inducer's Scalpel and 85 from Cartirinque, choosing to give the books to Sahira-Daro gives the Vestige 85 and the Inducer's Scapel. She believes they hold great knowledge, and Cartirinque is a test to stop lazy seekers. I should speak with her and see if there is anything to be done.