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If those 80 of miners call off the fork, but the BTC price remains stable, and total transaction fees per block remain around 2 BTC per block, then their expected revenue would. Difficulty is ultimately based on total mining power of the networkas the total hashrate dedicated to mining Bitcoin grows or shrinks, the protocol adjusts the difficulty (or more precisely, the target that miners must hit) to keep the rate of new block creation close. Some might question whether its plausible for B1X to maintain its price for 10 days even if it has only 20 of mining power.

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Im not considering the longer-term incentives that miners might have for choosing to sacrifice this much to support the chain. This will be the same for both chains the B1X chain will give miners.5 B1X per block, and the B2X chain will give miners.5 B2X per block. Lets examine each of these components in turn. With 20 hashrate, the B1X chain would, on average, mine one block every 50 minutes. What is the opportunity cost for those miners, compared to abandoning B2X and continuing to mine the B1X chain?

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Rezeki L1: sdh dri semalem laku terjual.0048 teguhandri L1: Selamat Pagi. It turns out that before the difficulty adjusts, the rate at which a particular miner generates blocks is independent of the actions of other miners. Im sure that some miners, traders, and exchanges have analyzed this exhaustively, but such analysis doesnt seem to have filtered out to the broader community beyond the conclusion that hashrate will ultimately follow price. The calculation is simplesince the B1X coin is worth four times as much, the miners revenue will be four times higher if they mine B1X as if they mine B2X.

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If other miners abandon the chain you are mining, then the rate at which the whole chain generates new blocks will slow down, but your rate of generating new blocks will not change until the difficulty adjusts. This is because the rate at which you generate blocks is a function of only two things: the block difficulty, and your own hashes per second. (One caveat is that a slower blockchain may have a slightly lower orphan block rate, but orphan blocks are sufficiently rare under ordinary circumstances that this will probably not be material.). Night Mode, off On, downloads, donate.

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The fork is scheduled to occur at block 494,784. Over 80 of Bitcoin miners have signaled their intent to mine the B2X chain, but futures markets have indicated that investors expect B1X to retain over 80 of Bitcoins value, with B2X retaining less than. Balik ke Balance gak?

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Note that this is true even if a miner disagrees with the market on the future value of the currencies if a miner would rather hold B2X, they could earn it four times faster by mining B1X and trading it for B2X. In contrast, if they choose to mine B1X, those miners would still mine a total of 1152 blocks in 10 days, but would be paid in B1X.