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It is this type of immoderate drinking that is harmful to neurological development, according to leading researchers. By criminalizing activity that is otherwise commonplace and expected for adult citizens, Legal Age 21 has bred rampant disrespect for law. Legal Age 21 is an abridgement of the age of majority, and does not treat 18-to-20 year-olds like the adults they are. Many of those deaths can be linked to the sharp increase in binge drinking rates amongst that age group and the many negative consequencesalcohol poisoning, assault, vandalism, bodily injuryof excessive and risky alcohol use. America has established 18 as the age of majority.

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Governor: Dave Freudenthal, democratic Party republican Party, not sure what to write? Senator John Barrasso, click on this link to view Senator Barrasso's web site. How do I reach my elected officials?

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The issue of drunk driving has changed markedly over the past three decades. Any change to drinking age policy would not lead us to unlearn these important lessons.

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According to nhtsa estimates, safety belts and airbags have combined to save 206,287 lives between 19By comparison, nhtsa estimates the 21 mlda saved 23,733 lives in the same period. These offices are different from the focus of Departments, which are more inward-facing to support operations of the County. The mission of these offices revolves around outward-facing aspects of County government such as interacting with and representing the citizens of Sheridan County. They can either become arms of, or havens from, the law. One right is sorely missing from this list the consumption of alcohol.

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That figure has been increasing since 1998. Legal Age 21 has pushed drinking out of public places and into risky, underground environments where consumption cannot be monitored and excessive drinking thrives. Home, elected Offices loading.