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Ethereum, ethereum is an open blockchain platform that lets anyone build and use decentralized applications that run on blockchain technology. In that time, the Ethereum community voted to create a "hard fork" in the cryptocurrency's code that would negate the hack, but result in two versions of Ethereum. Liquidation is when these positions are closed automatically in order to prevent further losses. Show chapters, the price of ethereum crashed as low as 10 cents from around 319 in about a second on the gdax cryptocurrency exchange on Wednesday, a move that is being blamed on a "multimillion dollar market sell" order.

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But the Bitcoin code has never been hacked. Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which can execute code of arbitrary algorithmic complexity. Ethereum is an alternative digital currency to bitcoin and had been trading as high as 352 on Wednesday.

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The, dAO hack was not the result of a problem with Ethereum itself, but with the programming code that ran the DAO. The DAO used Ethereum as a vehicle to create a crowdfund platform. White said in a blog post.

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Ethereum is a programmable blockchain. What's So Special About Ethereum?

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Ethereum in the narrow sense refers to a suite of protocols that define a platform for decentralised applications. Market Cap: All1 Billion100 Million - 1 Billion10 Million - 100 Million1 Million - 10 Million100k - 1 Million0 - 100k. But it also seemed to be a large money making event for some too. Cryptocurrency excitement, the ethereum crash comes amid rising interest in the broader cryptocurrency space. As well as the issues on gdax, investor demand at the funding launch for an ethereum-based messaging app called Status clogged the ethereum network, an industry insider told cnbc.