FUT 15 Transfer, market is currently down on Companion and Web App

I also saw a question about Strongholds being purchased by a Guild and the answer to that is - Yes it can be a Guild Stronghold, too. The fifa Ultimate Team Transfer Market will be inaccessible via the Web and Companion Apps until further notice while EA perform important maintenance. That's just pure rip-off.

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Because it gives us the option to buy whoever we like, both cheaper and obviously more reliable source rather than fifapoints. Keep in mind, the Roadmap doesn't provide you with all the details so you can expect to see more information, and gain access to the changes on PTS toward the end of June.

Current network status and problems

During this time EA will continue to assess the state of the Transfer Market. Feb 14,2015, eA have temporarily disabled the transfer market for maintenance on the companion app and the web app. Whether it's part of that battle or not, trading is down for now on the web app and companion app, so you'll need to be logged in to FUT on a console or the full version of the PC game to access the market. This is your stronghold and you'll purchase it on the fleet just like all the other strongholds. But, it's your choice on how you use your own Stronghold.

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No problems at Steam, live Outage Map steam comments Tips? The PvP designated areas will have hooks so you can customize it with any of your decorations.

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Steam, steam lets gamers puchase and downloads games. It will almost be the same whether you have it or not. We know buying coins aren't the most suitable thing for the market, but when it comes to whether to buy coins or points, we would without a doubt buy coins. Steam supports Windows, OS X and Linux. Share them with other site visitors: Steam reports.

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Aside from the transfer market, the web app and companion app are functioning as normal. The difference will be you can use those decorations to block Line of Sight, create barriers, and even set up chairs for other players to observe the action. Hey all, Still reading through the thread and all of your comments. It has gone a bit quiet on that front recently. We'll keep reading your comments.