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The current payout table for Ready-Go Tournaments is: Standing Percentage of Purse (Example. If you have saved any of your best shots, they will be displayed on your Profile page and can be viewed again from there.

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Bill Ted's Bogus Journey : We learn the rest of the story during the credits, in a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue. Support for phone and tablet web browsers - 100 complete.

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See the profile example above. Abilities displayed - 5 complete, help Support, linked help and faq topics - 98 complete.

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Team up with self the pro-claimed "great detective" Pikachu! Considering the amazing similarity both of the game to The Lord of the Rings series and Yoshida's art style to that used in the art for the Return Of The King's credit sequence, it's almost certainly a Shout-Out.

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If the shot is not taken in time a one-stroke penalty will be assessed to the player each time the clock runs out. Get a Hole-in-One and you'll get a 40,000 point bonus and your score for the entire round will be doubled. The credits of more recent Eipix games have had mostly-amusing remarks after the name of everyone involved.

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They usually take a common saying and subvert it somehow. Players can be a member of WGT nation and a WGT Country Club at the same time. Yes, you cannot sell back the WGT Starter clubs that were given to you when you first joined WGT. In Super Karoshi, the ending credits are a playable level. If you send a gift to a non-WGT member the item will be placed in their inventory after they create a WGT account.