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Can you add support for cryptocurrency XYZ? Why should I use a paper wallet? We try to make it that way! After a brief proof-of-work (scrypt) period, BlackCoin has switched to a pure proof-of-stake consensus mechanism which pays a compound annual interest of up to 1 to the stakeholders, depending on the amount of blackcoins staked. M: BlackCoin (BLK) 2,820 satoshi (Source: Poloniex, 3 minutes ago blackCoin (BLK formerly BlackCoin (BC is an open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency originally forked from Novacoin in February 2014.

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The big difference is that this is a unique project for a lot of currencies, so more people can review it and check its safety. No escrow agents, no middle men, no courts, no arbiters, all automated in the software.

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IF YOU would like TO become blackcoin merchant, please USE this guide AND contact THE team ON gitter, TO BE added TO THE merchants section. All though the apps listed below are widely used, we do not recommend storing large amounts of coins on such 'mobile' applications. Community Details 50, online, blackCoin is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. It relies on various forms of taint analysis to aggregate multiple addresses in the same wallet. Eliminate theft and deception for good, using BlackHalo's unique double deposit system.

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Go to BlackHalo, blacksight, blacksight is an open-source BlackCoin blockchain explorer with complete rest and websocket APIs that can be used for writing web wallets and other apps that need more advanced blockchain queries than provided by blackcoind RPC. We are NOT financial advisors, and this site does not give trading advices. How to spend the coins stored in a paper wallet? Changes made to this generator are available on Github in small and divided commits and those are easy to review and reuse. Just try to explain clearly what is wrong and we will try to fix the bug as soon as possible.

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Go to Iris, payblk, easy-to-use, open-source, multiplatform (supporting 7 platforms multisignature, secure blackcoin wallet platform for both individuals and companies. ECO-friendly, based on Proof-of-Stake. Advantages of a paper wallet are multiple: They are not subject to malwares and keyloggers. Online privacy protection services, toys 4 Sex, adult sex toy products.

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Translate or correct it, and send it to us the way you prefer. A free online marketplace with no platform fees. The actual wallets probably hold more worth than listed, and smaller wallets or individual addresses could actually be part of a larger wallet.